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Ofsted and Performance Tables

Derwent Lower School is a high achieving school that has continued to improve results for children over the last 4 years. We are delighted with the success of our pupils in their learning and we have summarised it in the document below:

Derwent Lower School Performance Over Time

At Derwent Lower School we are proud of all our achievements.  Below you can read our most recent Ofsted report (February 2018) when we were judged to be a good school.  The report celebrates how ...

  • "Conduct in class and around school is exemplary. Pupils are empathetic, friendly and welcoming to each other and adults".
  • Derwent is a school where pupils "achieve above the national average".
  • Pre-school and Reception classes "offer exciting activities for children. Staff have high expectations and ensure that children develop the skills, knowledge and understanding critical to success in later years".
  • Parents comment "on the 'amazing school' and the 'excited and engaged children".
  • "The school's drive for improvement has continued unabated".
  • "Governance at Derwent Lower is strong.  The governing body is led well and provides both challenge and support".
  • "Leaders, including governors, ensure that safeguarding arrangements are strong".

This builds on our 2014 Ofsted report, which also judged us to be a good school and noted how...

  • "All groups of pupils currently in the school are making good progress".
  • "All teaching seen during the inspection was at least good, and half was outstanding".
  • "Pupils behave well, feel safe and are keen to learn".
  • "Pupils said their teachers and the work which they gave them was 'the best thing about the school'".

You can download our latest inspection report as well as the covering  letter by the Chair of Governors.

You can also access our DFE Performance Table.